Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I know Im not much of a blogger, but I must tell you.

I will be absent for awhile.

Not because I don't want to blog

But because I just


Sometimes, Life must be lived and dealt with first


that is just what I'll be doing.

I am so grateful for my new friends

and hope you all are doing well.

Thanks for being so wonderful and inspiring.

I find the peace of the ones I Love

Much more important at this time.

The heart Grows fonder

while away.

Much love, and Prayers your way.

God, be with you until we meet again.

Love, Bree

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I just want you to know, I am Addicted.
Yes, this may seem like a lengthy confession of un-kept time and activity
But, Its not. I don't think.

I just want to be naturally talented.
I've been blog hopping and have found amazing and creative people that I don't even know.
But love and look up to!

Ridiculous?! Yes. And I'm not afraid to admit it.
It's rather a nice feeling to be inspired by others, It's such a Nice feeling.
I only want to Inspire others myself.

So, Friends, The point of my blog is to ask you...

What can I do to make a difference to you.
Need I write a story? A book.
Travel the world to feed the hungry.
Create beautiful and inspiring things.
Donate all my money to charities.
Have a fabulous blog?

What Can I do.
This question has been eating at me, and I have come to see:

That I am original, Beautiful and Talented.
Not temporally talented, But spiritually.
I was sent to this earth for a PURPOSE.

Purpose doesn't always mean changing the world,or finding the attention of media.
It means finding a purpose, and giving it purpose, Everyday.

Everyday, you,and I, we have a purpose.
We must find what that purpose is.

For Me, It is a jump and a bound and a Journey in itself
just to find that purpose daily.

But I want to live each of my days
These days Which I'm blessed with

With a purpose.

I don't have to change the world, I just have to change how I plan to live with a purpose.
So, I will take it a day at a time.
Accomplishing a purpose each day.

And when I die, and sit in the Heavens, speaking with my sister, my grandpa
my anscestors

About my purpose, I can say, I had one. Everyday of my life.
And each day I lived, I had that purpose.

I lived that purpose.

How will you live yours?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Photographic Snow Journal

Not as enjoyable when it' Dark and Dreary.
But when the Sun Shines, It's Beautiful.

(Obviously No Sunshine in this One.)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art Class

Today, I had Denim Bleu and Blazen Trails over.
They came over for Art Class.
And this is the Fun that we had!

Blazen was waiting for his painting to dry and decided to jump off the couch. When he saw me watching he didnt know if he'd be in trouble.
Nope, I told him to go again, and he said "Otay".

Denim and Blazen were Looking at the racoon in this book when they found whales and fun creatures. They Loved pretending the book was a spell book too.
Denim would say " Alacazam, Try try again. Alaczam, Tritsa tree Fort. LOOK BREE! A COUCH FORT!"

Denim and Blazen's Paintings of themselves, I want them on my walls.

We painted Noodles to glue on our paintings, and Decided to make necklaces instead.

This was the mess, at the begininng. And now, my counter is covered in colored paint. I LOVE it. I've been meaning to update my kithen with color! Thanks kiddos!
Blazen loved that Phil had a "pistoh" and "cacoon hat", and we were enjoying him playing with them. It was a success, I may not be a professional art teacher But we had fun painting!

Thanks to my friends who Game me ideas!
Kass, that website was Freakin adorable and Im SO glad you let me know about it!


You will need: 2 Bags Chester's Puffcorn (butter flavor)


Karo Syrup

Butter (buttercream)


Baking Soda

Get a LARGE bowl and Spray with PAM.
Poor The Puffcorn into the large bowl (and I mean LARGE)

Get out 2 large Cookie Sheets and set those aside, sprayed with PAM also.

TURN OVEN ON TO 200 Degrees

2 Cups Dark Brown Sugar

1/2 Cup Karo Syrup

1 Cup Butter ( Buttercream is the best!)

1 Teaspoon Salt

Put all the ingredients into a Pan on Medium Heat, Stir around until mixed together.

Now, Put your stove on High and bring to a boil.

Continue boiling until the sugar is disolved (dark brown)

Take pan off heat and Put in:

1 Teaspoon Baking Soda

Stir and watch the mixture puff

Poor the hot Mixture onto your puffcorn in the big bowl.

STIR until all that yummy caramel gets on the corn!

Spread half and half onto each pan.

Stick one pan into the oven and turn the corn every 15 minutes. Until you think you can't hold back anymore! Just make sure its doesn't burn!

(you're supposed to keep it in for an hour, but I dont know ANYONE who could keep that yummyness in the oven that long.)



Much love! (sorry I dont know how else to write a recipe)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have run into a Dilemma! I told a Girl I go to church with, Timber, That I would be her kids Art Teacher. Just for change of scenery and some fun. Well, Where we will- everyone lives like 20 or more miles apart. I do crafty things, but nothing much for Little Fingers!
Ineed some fun and easy ideas to do with them, Ideas that might also be able to teach kids how to use art and love it. I sure love art, But Im not too good at it.

So, The purpose of this post, is to all you little ladies who have kids, and have some fabulous ideas for me! I dont have a store near, so its got to be thirfty!

I would really appreciate it and LOVE you to the end if you could help!

Denim Bleu and Blazen Trails would also love you for the ideas you give me for them!

You guys are amazing LOOVES!

Words for Thought.

I made Caramel Corn...mmm

Yes, Its true! I've actually done something productive, and VERY rewarding. Now that diet is a huge thing for pretty much EVERYONE, I can be a little more excited that I have chosen to enjoy life every once in awhile and not feel quilty. I mean, How could you, ITS SO YUMMY.

And now, Im enjoying it, while---and my newest friend Kassi will love this--- Im watching a show almost exactly like the one Bear Grylls does..but this guy is not as good at his outdoors living haha.

Much love

A little fun and Some little Pretties

I just love this space, Not sure where I got it from, But I love it! it makes me happy, the colors are just perdy aren't they!

Moving On...chugga chugga

Some frriends of mine, Or fellow Bloggers, who blog ALOT more than I do, and Are amazing, are all doin some fun giveaways or activities that I know you will love!! Go check them all out! I put their blog links on my sidebar! So go visit and see what fabulous fun they are letting us participate in!!!

Much love friends! Peaaccee!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Garnett Kansas and Nauvoo Illinois

I Had the oppurtunity to take some photos, I know they aren't professional, But I love photography. I took these with a simple digital camera, so excuse the poor quality. I just found these in a hidden folder and thought it would be fun to show the beauty of the East in April. Enjoy!


This was Yesterday, I wish you could see the size of the Snowflakes that fell from the sky.

Today,the sun was out when I woke up from a dreamy slumber.

We did much of nothing, until a friend of Phil came by and talked forever.
Then, after much deciding and evaluating, we decided to drive into Springerville, AZ to get some grub and a couple Groceries.

When my aunt was visiting she made this amazing amazing caramel corn, so I bought the Things I needed to make it. I am Stoked. But that will be another post.

I know you're excited. You should be, because its amazzzing. MMM.

Anyway, Now we are watching BONES and waiting for something else interesting to come on.

Ive been reading many intreguing and inspiring blogs and I wanna get creative,but I dont think I was born with that bone.

Anyway Thats the update for now Hope you are all doing well! Much love!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Just a Picture (because my computer won't load the rest)

In the Spirit of Christmas, we took a picture with an adorable puppy, Near a cozy fire and , why am I wearing Orange? Because Red is over done on the Christmas Season.

I tried to load some newer pictures of the huge snowflakes and the yummy lunch we had but my computer won't work with me. So this is what you get.

Tommorrow,Phil is planning a spontaneous day. So, I will take my camera and record it. And if you're lucky, Phil will take some photos. He is an amazing photographer and has an eye for detail. So, We shall see.

Hope you're having a fabulous evening. But now I must finish Conan and Get my rest.
Dreams await me.
Adventures do too.

Much Love

In Celebration

I Have ONE Follower. Iwant to tel Chloe thanks for being a Friendly Follower, even though I know my Blog is Ugly, and very very boring. But, When I find myself in an adventure or doing something Fabulous like you Always do, I will Post on it. Until then, Thanks Chloe!!

Friends, I need help. I cant even want to read my own blog. Its not very pretty, and is DEFINATLY not my style. I have a horrible camera that cannot begin to portray the pictures I create in my Head. I don't have much inspiration to draw from, and I NEED some help! If you have any tips, tricks or love to give, PLEASE let me know! All my Love!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Have you ever seen Arrested Development? I have. I love it.


Well I'm a little aggrivated. To say the very least. I was posting along, minding my own fingers, when, ALL of a sudden- my silly little finger confused DELETE with ENTER. How? I have no idea, because out of no where, my WHOLE ENTIRE POST was just gone. Buh bye gone, never comin back gone. Oh well. I guess it makes me creative juices flow- or it just makes me rack my memory. I dont know.
Im sitting here in my PJs , The ones my mamma got me for christmas and a stolen yellow sweater from my sister. Nice and comfy, Mind you, I been in these babies all day. Why? Today we drove four hours from our hay farm in Rodeo, New Mexico. Where we helped weigh cows, Phil Preg Checked the cows( to see if they were bred), and chose which we would like as replacement heifers. I know, sounds fun. Well it can be. This time we were lucky to have Phils brother nathan and his girlfriend and my friend Steph there too. Good company for sure. Me and steph we in charge of movin the cows through the chute. Which demanded much hooting and hollering. Cause, I tell you, those cows will give you alot of CRAP. In every sense of the word. I mean, they stop in the middle of the allyway and make it so we had to yell or hit the side of the chute to scare them or,sometimes, we zap em a little. Dont worry, not enough to make em into burgers. But, None the less, They always poo. Always. But since these cows eat very green feed, their poo is green. and not so nice to see. These guys even poo on eachothers head. I mean FOR REAL. I can only imagine what those cows are thinking , I love you for pooing on me- or I hate you for pooing on me. Probably the latter. Anyway, that was probably the most exciting time. As we finished up the couple hundred head of cow, Steph had to leave. Sad day. Especially in the fact that, the nigh before we buddied up in one room. Lets just say, we bonded by talking until 3am and then, I had a Night Terror.
Yes. A night terror. 10times worse than a nightmare. I cant wake from it, but everyone around me, who hears my bloody murder screams sure can.
It was about a spider.
I told her " stephanie, cover up , theres a big spider!"
and when she didnt cover up:
" stephanie, REALLY, ITS HUGE"

To say the least, she is still my friend. Boo Ya.

Anyway, our time in Cochese was fun. And a change of scenery is always nice. At home, theres a little snow on the ground and on thursday, we will get alot more.
THIS means SLEDDDIING! anyone who wants to visit , really should. I mean, WHO cant resist some fresh air, nice cooking (sometimes) a warm cozy house, horses, snow and sleds! ( I could even make coco.)

Now that Im sitting here in my PJs, still, I guess I should go shower and put my bed sheets in the dryer.

I know my post has been lame, and I didnt take pictures during the Holiday season, SO for the next week I will :
take pics of the snow
enjoy my aunt vickis company, and cooking, and take pics of that
eat alot of yummy food
help marlena make handouts
hang my wall deco (and take pics)
watch conan every night
help phil preg check more cows (and take pics)
and enjoy the sun while its still here......

Until then, Im sorry for now pics BUT I promise ill catch up!!