Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art Class

Today, I had Denim Bleu and Blazen Trails over.
They came over for Art Class.
And this is the Fun that we had!

Blazen was waiting for his painting to dry and decided to jump off the couch. When he saw me watching he didnt know if he'd be in trouble.
Nope, I told him to go again, and he said "Otay".

Denim and Blazen were Looking at the racoon in this book when they found whales and fun creatures. They Loved pretending the book was a spell book too.
Denim would say " Alacazam, Try try again. Alaczam, Tritsa tree Fort. LOOK BREE! A COUCH FORT!"

Denim and Blazen's Paintings of themselves, I want them on my walls.

We painted Noodles to glue on our paintings, and Decided to make necklaces instead.

This was the mess, at the begininng. And now, my counter is covered in colored paint. I LOVE it. I've been meaning to update my kithen with color! Thanks kiddos!
Blazen loved that Phil had a "pistoh" and "cacoon hat", and we were enjoying him playing with them. It was a success, I may not be a professional art teacher But we had fun painting!

Thanks to my friends who Game me ideas!
Kass, that website was Freakin adorable and Im SO glad you let me know about it!


ashley broomall said...

how fun! i need to get to crafting with my kids...or send them over to someone elses! haha we usually do a lot of crafting around here, but i've been slacking big time.
and yum! i'm going to have to try your caramel popcorn recipe. homemade is about a thousand times better than store bought.
+++i swear i'm almost done, i love your pics from out east and i'm super jealous that you've been there. that's still on my to-do list in life! :)

BuenoBueno said...

oh how fun! i love finger painting even at 28!
and i love th edays i get my nephew! its only twice a week but i love those times!