Saturday, January 23, 2010


I just want you to know, I am Addicted.
Yes, this may seem like a lengthy confession of un-kept time and activity
But, Its not. I don't think.

I just want to be naturally talented.
I've been blog hopping and have found amazing and creative people that I don't even know.
But love and look up to!

Ridiculous?! Yes. And I'm not afraid to admit it.
It's rather a nice feeling to be inspired by others, It's such a Nice feeling.
I only want to Inspire others myself.

So, Friends, The point of my blog is to ask you...

What can I do to make a difference to you.
Need I write a story? A book.
Travel the world to feed the hungry.
Create beautiful and inspiring things.
Donate all my money to charities.
Have a fabulous blog?

What Can I do.
This question has been eating at me, and I have come to see:

That I am original, Beautiful and Talented.
Not temporally talented, But spiritually.
I was sent to this earth for a PURPOSE.

Purpose doesn't always mean changing the world,or finding the attention of media.
It means finding a purpose, and giving it purpose, Everyday.

Everyday, you,and I, we have a purpose.
We must find what that purpose is.

For Me, It is a jump and a bound and a Journey in itself
just to find that purpose daily.

But I want to live each of my days
These days Which I'm blessed with

With a purpose.

I don't have to change the world, I just have to change how I plan to live with a purpose.
So, I will take it a day at a time.
Accomplishing a purpose each day.

And when I die, and sit in the Heavens, speaking with my sister, my grandpa
my anscestors

About my purpose, I can say, I had one. Everyday of my life.
And each day I lived, I had that purpose.

I lived that purpose.

How will you live yours?


my name is lauren. said...

thank you for sharing this. it definitely is nice to be inspired by others, but it's important to make sure you're living your own life with purpose too. sometimes i fall prey to the trap that is living vicariously through other people's blogs. maybe that sounds weird. but i constantly need to remind myself that i have to leave the couch sometimes and go out and make a real difference instead of just watching everyone around me doing it. this was great.

oh...and also...night terrors sound awful! sorry you have to deal with them. i barely ever even remember my dreams and they scare me enough, but feeling like they're super real...i don't think i could handle it.

my name is lauren. said...

i watch lame movies too sometimes. today i didn't watch any, but i did sit around all day and watched lame tv instead.

as for OR...i LOVE it here. i live in the suburbs.... about 10 minutes E. of downtown portland. in my free time i like to eat. plain and simple. i love good food. when you come here you should try pok pok (if you like asian cuisine that it). it's my hands down absolute favorite place in portland. there's also a massive bookstore that's fun...powell's books. hiking, snowboarding, the beach..... so many options....but mostly food. did i mention i love food? i've only been into gresham a couple of times....i don't really have any reason to go that direction, so i can't really say that there is to do in that neck of the woods, but it's not far from portland, so i'm sure you'll find something.

i don't know if i could handle living so far from everyone. i think i'd go a little stir crazy. today my hubs went snowboarding and left me home w/o a car and i just about went nuts. i like hanging out by myself...but it would've been nice to have some alone time away from the house too. i hope you find you're purpose. i know you will. don't give up!

Catherine Anne said...

Beautiful photography!

grant + brittany said...

thanks for your sweet comment. i thought it was so cute. and in my dreams... i would TOTALLY buy jcrew over with you. :) thanks for this post, i have definitely learned that for me to stay my happiest... i must keep blogging only in moderation. i do believe that we are all here for a purpose... but reading you write it really helped me to remember it myself! so thanks for inspiring me!