Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's a hard knock life

Today was a stay home and do nothing day. Of course phil always found something to do between commercials. But, none the less. We stayed home. The first movie pick was called " Speak" with Kristen Stewart (yes, i can see you trying to think if that name is familiar, badda bing! its bella from Twilight.)

Well after we watched that, which in fact was a very cute movie. I recommend it, We ventured on out into the freezing cold wind. Snow falling everywhere. Its time for the horses to eat, especially the Stud - that little fella has always been spoiled in the heat- whether in Texas or in Mesa. Now its snowing?! whats the guy gonna do!? Eat more Hay. Its kinda like that silly commercial with the cows that say Eat more chickn. Except not. This horse doesn't care if you eat chicken or beef!

Anyway, as we did so philly realized 2 horses were missing. uh ooohh. So, i suggested to go off and look. Since we'd been in the house all day. Low and behold, id be the one climbing out of the truck to open the fence. BRRRRR. My nose almost turned into a carrot and my eyes to coal! Too bad i wouldnt be one of those cute ones with a scarf and top hat (said with an english accent of course.)

Well, to your dismay, we didnt find the horses but figure they are hiding behind trees from the coldness. Poor fellas. Lucky they have phil to give em tons hay!

Now, back in the nice warm house. Dirty dishes looooming in the sink behind me. Screaming-- CLEAN USSS.
Nope, not tonight. Gotta save me some activity for tommorrow!
On the list for the rest of the evening though:

1. Phil will make some fabulous enchiladas.
2. We will eat them , gobbble goooobbbble, while we watch none other than- Snapped and The office! booo yaa !
3. Pile dishes onto more dirty dishes and continue watching the shows.
4. Get up, look at the dishes and still give em the cold shoulder...
5. Hot showerrrrr (thats not all! you also get a nice wall heater to turn on as well ding ding!)
6. Leno, Conan. And thinking, thats not even funny anymore but ill laugh anyway to work out my cheeks.
7.Bedtimmmeee. YAY cold sheets, fan in my face. ZZZZZZzzzz.

Now that you all know what we will do tonight, will also know that we have obviously had a lazy day. Wonderful. But tommorrow, its back to harrrd work for philly and cleaning for me. YAY. Hope those dishes don run away during the night, it would sure make me sad if i couldnt visit them tommorrow.

Ohhh my dear friends, It is almost Halloweeen!!! Since we will not be there for this festive holiday, please do me a favor, and eat alll the butterfingers you can for me! mMMMmmm. But as for Thanksgiving, ill be eatin turkey stufffing and cranberry sauce all on my own, but you're sure welcome to eat some for me too!

Well I think its about time to get off this dadnabbed computer and make me a bathroom break before Enchiladas and some laughage!
Much love

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Shnow Anyone?

Whoo, Over night. What a present...

See the hay barn alll the way over there?

Lou Lou's House, Taken over by snow.

This is our very,very pregnant Border Collie, Lou Lou. She basically got kicked out of her "house" (a broke down horse trailer with a doggie pad and food and water) because of the snow. Poor Girl. At least she has that punkin!

Yes, Our chickens Are infact hiding from the snowy, freezing cold winds!

Philly Comin' in from gatherin' a small group of cows. Brrr!

Sunshine In the Winter, Thanks Mama!
Good Mornin' Friends!
It was a good nights sleep, that is of course, besides the two night terrors.
Thats right, Night Terror.

It's like a very bad nightmare that your awake in, but also that you feel like is so completely real.

It takes me about 20 minutes to work myself into reality, and in the mean time, phil is tellin me to go back to sleep.

After I got back to sleep, it felt like I had been sleeping for 5 minutes and Phil is shaking me at the hip. " Wake up- Wake up, Look! "

To my undelight, nothing but White out of my window. Yes, it snowed!

October is for Halloween, Not winter!! What is this world coming to!

But I must say , Heavenly Father knew what beautiful things I love. He blesses me with the oppurtunity to see things that make me incredibly happy. And I'm not talking about happy like, I get cake on my birthday happy.

I mean happy, when my soul feels happy. When I feel Warm and content. Like when the arizona sun hits my face, or the cold crisp air hits my face when I'm standing on the seat of my brothers jeep heading up a crooked hill. Happy when I jump into my blankets at the end of the day.

Now thats Happy. What makes you happy?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Callin' night, Callin' night...Hello?

we ate one of those steers fer dinner tonight...mmhmm!

dearest molly butler,
i understand fully that you had a good intention to make a wonderful restaurant. well, it didn't last. your food made my hubs sick and my burger was oooover cooked. i mean, the moo in the cow almost never existed. anyway, phillian grilled up some steaks tonight, absolutly, A MAZE ING. i mean, perfect. plus rhodes rolls, salad and some some garlic mashed taterssss! yummy! id go back and.. NOT pay alot of money on that dinner mrs. molly. OHH mrs molly!