Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have run into a Dilemma! I told a Girl I go to church with, Timber, That I would be her kids Art Teacher. Just for change of scenery and some fun. Well, Where we will- everyone lives like 20 or more miles apart. I do crafty things, but nothing much for Little Fingers!
Ineed some fun and easy ideas to do with them, Ideas that might also be able to teach kids how to use art and love it. I sure love art, But Im not too good at it.

So, The purpose of this post, is to all you little ladies who have kids, and have some fabulous ideas for me! I dont have a store near, so its got to be thirfty!

I would really appreciate it and LOVE you to the end if you could help!

Denim Bleu and Blazen Trails would also love you for the ideas you give me for them!

You guys are amazing LOOVES!


Kassi said...

bree, is a great site for fun kid crafts! check it out... and in the meantime i will think of some things for you to do with and teach them!

i think it's great that you offered and i hope it goes well for you!

Beary Bee said...

HI! I noticed that you became a folower of my blog and we have some bloggy friends in common, so I became a follower of you! YEAH! I noticed that you mentioned Mesa a couple times and hate to sound rude because I'm certain I know you somehow but I can't figure it out! Embarassing I know... but true. So... I'm Berit Ellsworth Roller and you might know me or one of my many sister- Meredith, Verity, Caroline (MomBabe) or Sarah. I would just like to know. I am crazy and know you look familiar. And if by some strange chance we DON'T know each other well then HELLO! I am crazy but kind of awesome at times. And am excited to be your blog friend.
p.s. sorry this was long. AND I love your cute orange Christmas photo. Red IS overrated.

Beary Bee said...

OH! And I thought I would also give you some input for your art class shenanigans... It's a fun word. I will use it a lot. ANYWHO... Since Valentine's Day is coming up I think it would be super fun to cut out a BUNCH of differnt colored hearts and then you glue the bottom of them onto a pop-sicle stick and when Feb. 14th rolls around "heart attack" people in your ward! You just pick a house and plant the sticks in the ground. It's super fun to wake up to! And pretty easy. GOOD LUCK