Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I made Caramel Corn...mmm

Yes, Its true! I've actually done something productive, and VERY rewarding. Now that diet is a huge thing for pretty much EVERYONE, I can be a little more excited that I have chosen to enjoy life every once in awhile and not feel quilty. I mean, How could you, ITS SO YUMMY.

And now, Im enjoying it, while---and my newest friend Kassi will love this--- Im watching a show almost exactly like the one Bear Grylls does..but this guy is not as good at his outdoors living haha.

Much love


Kassi said...

ooh looks yummy! i'm eating chocolate cat cookies from trader joes and drinking coffee while watching the disney channel with my kiddos and enjoying watching the rain fall... BUT i wish i were eating carmel corn.

and i do love that you are watching a bear grylls type show! are you watching survivor man perhaps?

i'm happy to be your new friend! ;-)

J*me said...

mmm Yummy maybe I need to make some carmel corn tonight too:)