Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Remember that one Post?

Ya, the one where I go on and on about how "its a feat"
Well, I am here to calm your every worry
(because I know you've all been wondering)
I am still working towards my goal.
Its been tough, and I did, admitadly take a small break
so I could go to school.
Yes, I went to school....Some people wouldnt put it in that category
but I do.
I went to Pima Medical Intstitute to be a CNA
(certified nursing assistant)

It was a 5 weeks program in which I am proud to say, I got a 4.0
I'm pretty sure anyone could do it, but I didn't think I could swing it.
Well I did. And now, I get the pleasure of looking for a Job!
I am keeping my eyes peeled for a job at a hospital, hopefully in Pediatrics.
But Im assuming that wont fly.
So, as for now, I am jobless and schooless.

Its no fun, I hate feeling lazy and unaccomplished.
Besides that I am tryin' to get myself spiritually and physically fit.
This is the point in life where I get a little discouraged and have WAY too much time to think.

Thinking is okay though, right?
Anyway, back to my original topic
(im easily strayed, obviously)

I have yet to get back to the gym, not because I am lazy, but because i put my
account on hold until i have a job.
i believe the term is "living within my means"

My means dont exactly wanna pay for gym and gas and groceries
and blah blah blah...So...that it is.

I shall be patient.
Go walk outside, since the weather is so amazing.
breathe some fresh air
ride a bike
get out of this house...

It will be nice...except as I speak, I hear someon rustling outside my window.
Anyway...I guess this is my update for now...But soon enough ill be back with a whole wonderful
post about my accomplishments in the past few months.
Until then, if anyone wants to play...
Im around!

Have a wonderful WONDERFUL Halloween weekend!!

Love, Bree

Friday, October 1, 2010

It's about time

I've been thinking.
And as you all know, Thats when I blog.
Oh Joy.
Well, As of today, I'm done with the class part of my CNA Program.
It's so exciting. First, because I have a 4.0
And if you know me, I'm not so bright. I don't get 4.0's
I have one.
Next week we will go to the a nursing home for clinicals.
I'm a little nervous, but I love old people and I am excited to get the hands on experience.
On another note.

After next week, I will be jobless and scheduless.
This is exciting for me.
First, because Tuff is in town. I get to go on some fun adventures with him!
Second, because I get to find the perfect place for me to be.
Part of me wants to move away, and the other wants to stay.
But mostly, I want to move.

I kinda feel like I need to do what the character in the movie
Eat Pray Love
Just, go away.

Id love to find myself in a foreign place. Left with nothing but myself, my thoughts and a peace I cant find in a familiar place.
I believe that I find peace in an unfamiliar place.
I am left with my clear thoughts.
Nothing surrounding me that is familiar.
I can focus on the peace that surrounds me.

Another reason I want to go...
I don't seem to have many Good friends.
The kind that call you daily just to laugh with you and check on you.
The ones who spend a day doing spontaneous things.
Friends who WANT to hang out with me
Ones that like me for what I am and what Ive been through in my life.
I know I am a good person, with alot of love and excitement for life.
I just want to have fun, go on trips, relax, laugh.
I am not complicated.

But I think everyone I know, may think I am.
I just want to meet people who want good relationships, ones that will Last.
I don't want to be the kind of person who just has alot of friends and goes out to alot of parties.
Thats not me.
I love to be with people I love and who I can be a good friend too.
I never really liked those awkward greetings with people I kinda knew.
I always loved being a good friend.

Anyway, Its really just me ranting and raving about nonsense.
You know, the usual.
But, its okay.
Im not too worried, things will work out.
Soon enough ill have the people around me who matter most
besides my amazing family.

Either way...
If you like to have fun, chill, laugh, talk, listen to music, stare at the fan, throw chonies at the fan, make pbjs at 2am, take random trips to the mountains, sleep, eat, chair dance, go to the mud bogs, camp, get excited over camp fires and fuel...
just to name a few...
Inquire Here.

Love, Bree