Tuesday, January 19, 2010


This was Yesterday, I wish you could see the size of the Snowflakes that fell from the sky.

Today,the sun was out when I woke up from a dreamy slumber.

We did much of nothing, until a friend of Phil came by and talked forever.
Then, after much deciding and evaluating, we decided to drive into Springerville, AZ to get some grub and a couple Groceries.

When my aunt was visiting she made this amazing amazing caramel corn, so I bought the Things I needed to make it. I am Stoked. But that will be another post.

I know you're excited. You should be, because its amazzzing. MMM.

Anyway, Now we are watching BONES and waiting for something else interesting to come on.

Ive been reading many intreguing and inspiring blogs and I wanna get creative,but I dont think I was born with that bone.

Anyway Thats the update for now Hope you are all doing well! Much love!


Melissa said...

Share the recipe for the caramel corn!

Merkley Jiating said...

Do you like Bones? I have heard a lot of people say things about it but I am not sure if it is worth my time.

Definitely post the recipe!