Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I Am Grateful For: My Brother Coby

That's Us.
And this is my Older Brother Coby Duane.

He is one of my Favorite people, and Best Friends.
Granted, He has a girlfriend (who I also Love) and we have Busy Lives
I think of him as a Best friend
because we are so much alike.

We Have the same humor and have habit of talkin crazy with eachother
Which always gets the rest of the Family laughing.

I love my Bro. He is seriously one of the Funniest people Ive ever met.
He's tough, and he is super Cool
(I guess it runs in the family ... haha)

Coby is also very different than I am.
He owns a Zoo in his room... Practically. I wouldnt mind an animal or two
But Not a ZOO in my ROOM!
Okay, only if there were a Monkey.

I just wanted to say how neat he is.
He's super smart
WAY fun to go out fourwheelin with
and He supports me. He is always there for me
and I love him!

Im so glad he's my brother because some of my best memories and laughs
were with him!

Love you Cobus!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Am Grateful For: My Brother Cade

Some days, I think I'd like to grab him by the ear and lug him to the garage.
But, Most days, I am Grateful for this Guy.
He's Hilarious.
He's So Smart.
And he's a Cutie Patootie!

I know he will accomplish amazing things in his life.
He has such a neat personality. Although SO different from the rest of us kids
He is different in amazing Ways. He's So totally cool.
I Love it when he has something funny to say
Admittedly, Sometimes I don't laugh even if I think its Hilarious.
Because Im too caught up in my own selfish thoughts
I dont pay attention to him
But I want to
And Im going to
Because He's AWESOME!
Its kinda like he just....Knows what to say.

He has a great imagination, and still acts like a kid. Like me.
We are so much more alike than sometime I like to admit.
I mean, He IS my little brother. Im supposed to give him
Tough Love , Right?

Anyway, I just hope that Kid knows How cool he is.
I think of him and my coolest little brother.
I think of him as my Friend.

Even if I dont act like it.
I know he will do great things
and I Know he's my brother for a reason.

I love this Kid!!


Well, I got invited to the Lake.
Lake Powell.

Am I excited? Of course.
But I am Paranoid.
I am not down 20lbs yet and I look awful in a Swimsuit.
I am so super embarrassed.
I don't know If I can make myself go.

Besides that I do not have natural wave or curl to my hair
and its flat as a board.
I will be on the beach, camping and swimming
for a whole week.
One Whole Week.

That means, No makeup.
Swimsuit all day and night.
No shower.
And lets not mention, that if I cant shave, Ill have hairy legs.

I have almost made up my mind.
Some of us just don't have natural beauty
feel like we can look pretty just being Us.
Well thats Me.

I feel intimidated and Highly nervous.
What in the world!
Iwork out every day and am Trying to get myself in shape
But thats not good enough until I see results.

Sooooo What to do?
I just Do Not know.