Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sick and Tired

Yea, Im not talking about anything but
being sick.
I just got over and ear and sinus infection.
Now, Im getting another sinus infection
and my body hurts.
Bad Luck.
I hope its not the flu.
Im pretty Sure I havent been sick since at least a year and a half.
Oh well, I guess its my turn.
In other news, Im cleaning the room tommorrow. Its a mess.
For lack of anywhere to put clothes.
Im excited to see the floor.
And be able to find my leggings.
I Hope everyone is doing well.
You're all amazing
and I hope you know
When your confused or Lost
You can always get on your knees
and Pray.
Love, Bree

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sometimes, I Wander...

In and outta thoughts.
I've been gone forever, and wish I had more to say.
One fabulous thing:
I got my package from Kass.
I loove it. Thanks Kass, You are amazing.

I have been gone awhile, and felt like I should Say Hello.
Even though I haven't posted
Ive been reading everyone elses' and
I love it.

There are so many inspiring people and things around me
It gives me Hope.
And Im grateful.

The next while will be tough and confusing
But I know that because I have support
And Prayer

I will be Okay.
More importantly I can Pray for others.

I always do.

I know you'll never read this
cause lets be honest
whats so interesting about my rambling ways
I want you to know I think about you a lot
I worry
I cry
I smile at memories
I miss you
I hope you're okay.
No matter what happens
I Always keep you in my prayers and in my Heart.
I was worried about you while you were in California.
But so happy to know you Finally got the chance
to get away from the snow, to surf.
I know you Love it there, and At home in New Mexico.
I thought of you, Your chiseled Chest and strong, working arms
Carrying a surfboard to the ocean. Sunset hitting the water
the Sand, Light and color reflecting off your dark brown hair, eyes.
I was sad, that memory was created in my head.
But I was so so happy.
Because I knew
You were Happy.
I know you're strong. Your faithful.
You're courageous.
You're patient, Kind, Hardworking.
And Im grateful for that
For you.

I hope everyones Last few weeks have been pleasant, Enduring, and Happy.
I hope we remember to soak in those precious moments with ones we Love.
To remember the smell, the colors, the feelings.
To take in the smile, the laughter
The Love.
Pictures can wait, because our minds will always hold more memory.
Our minds remember details, feeling, sights, happiness.
The creases in a smile, the crows feet at the eyes
The color of the sky
The movement of the leaves
The sway of the hammock
The warmth of a chest
The touch of a hand
The comfort of protection
The tinyest bits of moments
the most important ones
Wont always be found in pictures
in Memory.

Share those with the ones you Love
With the ones Who love you
and with those, who you know
One day you will Love.

Im grateful for Love
For patience
For the answers I recieve from my loving Father in Heaven
I know I will always find happiness
and Peace
Through Prayer and The love of my Heavenly and Earthly Family.

I hope everyone had an amazing Valentines
I hope you all know
That each one of you
Has a special meaning to me.

Thank you for you examples
Your kindness
You beautiful Photographs of your Memories
Sharing your lives.

I'll be back soon.

Love, Bree