Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Went, And I'm Glad I did.

I went to Lake Powell.
Met my new friend Cason...

Spent alot of quality time with Rhetlee....
Loved watching Squishy Be Cute...
Decided Buddha would be a Heartbreaker when he grows up...
Took tons of Pictures ...
And Had a Blast. I don't even know where to begin.
It was an amazing trip. With Amazing people. I feel in love with the Olsen
and Ashby Families and Decided My new obsession is The Lake.
(2nd in line to The Dunes)

But Im am glad I decided to go, and put aside my fears of looking ugly all week,
Matter of fact, I didnt even think about it.
I was having too much fun.

I realized Life is too Short.
We have got to love who we are and just Live Life.

Gahh, I Love Lake Powell.
I love being Sunkissed.
I love feeling like Butterflies live in my stomach.
I love My cousin Shaunie and her Hubs Ramsey.
I love Utah.
I Love Love Love LOVE!

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erin said...

looks so fun! & glad you had an awesome time :)