Monday, August 16, 2010

The Here and Now

The soft, cool air drifting gently through the windows of my car.
A quiet peace sat near as I lie in my seat. My hair removed neatly from my neck and placed on my shoulder. Single strands brushed against my face as I listen to the sound of the musty monsoon season drifting nearer. I lie with my eyes closed. One arm stretched atop my head and the other neatly place on the headrest. I feel comfortable. Peaceful. Quiet. The earth rotating around me.Yet I sit here, content. No movement beyond the time, as it slowly floats by. I don't notice the time. I don't feel the moments pass. I feel myself being in the moment. I am aware of each small sound. Crickets chirping their innocent sounds, the blades of what grass there is, were scratching against eachother. The lights buzzed softly with moths and tiny insects that only knew this moment and the light that surrounded them. I noticed the calm, quiet, steady breathing next to me. I listened intently to the perfect pace. My heart filled with gratitude for these blessings that are the moments I am in.
A peace so good, and right. No, these moments are not passing by. Like the tiny fluffs of summer that drift through the air and make me sneeze. I am taking them in. I know this moment. I feel this moment and I will always be able to reach inside and find those sweet increments of time
and relive them. Because I do not let these go by. I enjoy them.
I breathe in them.
I sing in them.
I laugh.
I listen.
I wonder.
I stop
and I feel.
I create.
I understand.
I am.

For in time,there will be a moment that will dance quickly by and never be endured or lived in.
But for those, we grasp these moments we do live in. And we remember.
The here and now.

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