Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Close Call

As I sit in the Pew Home
watching Tressa and Hyrum play with transformers and
watch Bedtime Stories
I try to decide what I want to write today.

I recieved a Phone call just now
with word that my Dad has been in an accident
My mom says he is okay, But he hit his chest pretty hard.

As I type, They are with a doctor.
I don't know any more than that.

But one thing I know is that I am completely humbled.
I am afraid for my Dads safety and Health.
more importantly I knew that to find comfort in this scary time
I needed to pray.
I took myself to a bedroom and knelt humbly before the Lord
asking him for safety upon the rest of my family and
To watch over my dad and allow him to be okay.

As I prayed I knew all would be well.
I know that through faithfulness to the Lord and constant Prayer
with an open heart and contrite spirit that my family and loved ones will always be kept safe.
From the wiles of Satan, and the Dangers of the world.
I know that in this scare, I have realized the importance of Eternal Families.
It opened my eyes to the importance of showing my family all the Love that I feel for them.
It helped me realized that we are so blessed to have families here on this earth with us.
We are blessed to have eachother.
I cannot tell of the gratitude that fills my heart that my Dad is okay.
I am so grateful for him. I know he Loves me.
He sacrifices SO much everyday for me, and my family.
I know he loves me and supports me.
He is humble, kind, loving and Im so grateful for these things
and the things he does for me everyday. And for the example he sets.
I love my dad. I love my Father in Heaven for blessing me with such and amazing person in my life.
Im grateful for the assurance that in all trials, I can turn to the Lord, and I can always ask him for safety upon my friends and loved ones.

Be aware of those around you, Love them. Show your unconditional love for them.
Don't ever hold back and Never ever let your Pride get in the way.
It is more important to tell them you love them Now, than wish that you had done it later.

There are certain people in our lives for a reason. Never let those people go.
Hold onto them.
Hold onto your Hope and Faith that they will always be kept safe.

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