Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Me

You've been going all day.
Although this is good...
You realize its alot better than just sitting in bed
waiting for the time to pass.
You really shouldn't think so much
but, well, thats you.
The little girl in the living room will sleep fine
and so will you.
But mostly
You should stop worrying about the things to come.
Like they say
theres a reason they call this the Present.
Because its a Gift.
Yes, It is.
But how will you Sleep when you're mind is cranking
at 100 miles a minute?
You will probably have to take a nice, relaxing hot shower.
Then, turn on some good, calm music and write a letter or two.
Then, in no time, you will be holding your eyelids open.
It's that simple.
Now, Get goin.

P.S. It's only a matter of time.

Love, You.

1 comment:

Eve and Tim DeLoach x2 said...

say a prayer and you will feel peace and comfort. love u girl.