Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well, I got invited to the Lake.
Lake Powell.

Am I excited? Of course.
But I am Paranoid.
I am not down 20lbs yet and I look awful in a Swimsuit.
I am so super embarrassed.
I don't know If I can make myself go.

Besides that I do not have natural wave or curl to my hair
and its flat as a board.
I will be on the beach, camping and swimming
for a whole week.
One Whole Week.

That means, No makeup.
Swimsuit all day and night.
No shower.
And lets not mention, that if I cant shave, Ill have hairy legs.

I have almost made up my mind.
Some of us just don't have natural beauty
feel like we can look pretty just being Us.
Well thats Me.

I feel intimidated and Highly nervous.
What in the world!
Iwork out every day and am Trying to get myself in shape
But thats not good enough until I see results.

Sooooo What to do?
I just Do Not know.



Eve and Tim DeLoach x2 said...

no body likes to hang out with someone that isnt confident :) so dont bad mouth yourself! BE CONFIDENT! so when youre at the lake, be confident cause thats attractive. love ya.

Kassi said...

dude, i read your post with the photos of you in a bikini and you do not look bad at all! i rock a bikini and i have a saggy, stretched mark, wrinkley mom tummy but i own it and walk with confidence even when i'm not feeling it. it's all about how you act... act the part and you'll feel it.
as far as the no make up goes, wear waterproof mascara, a little blush and a little lip gloss and you'll look great - wash your face at night and in the morning with biore facial wipes (great for camping since they help fight pimples) and shave your legs from the knee down at the faucet (there usually is one at the campsite) and don't forget your pits. easy peasy. we camp all the time and we're headed to the sequoias for seven days this coming saturday - tent camping, no showers, outhouses for bathrooms... roughing it is fun!
have a great time and remember to act confident - it's all about the attitude!