Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I Am Grateful For: My Brother Cade

Some days, I think I'd like to grab him by the ear and lug him to the garage.
But, Most days, I am Grateful for this Guy.
He's Hilarious.
He's So Smart.
And he's a Cutie Patootie!

I know he will accomplish amazing things in his life.
He has such a neat personality. Although SO different from the rest of us kids
He is different in amazing Ways. He's So totally cool.
I Love it when he has something funny to say
Admittedly, Sometimes I don't laugh even if I think its Hilarious.
Because Im too caught up in my own selfish thoughts
I dont pay attention to him
But I want to
And Im going to
Because He's AWESOME!
Its kinda like he just....Knows what to say.

He has a great imagination, and still acts like a kid. Like me.
We are so much more alike than sometime I like to admit.
I mean, He IS my little brother. Im supposed to give him
Tough Love , Right?

Anyway, I just hope that Kid knows How cool he is.
I think of him and my coolest little brother.
I think of him as my Friend.

Even if I dont act like it.
I know he will do great things
and I Know he's my brother for a reason.

I love this Kid!!

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erin said...

i love little brothers! :)