Monday, May 24, 2010

Long time Coming

It's been a long time comin'.
This feelin' I've got.
No rains gonna wash it
No Suns gonna bleach it
It's here and I want to run from it.


I plant my feet right here where Im at
Where my roots take me back
Im not leavin this place
Till Ive got dirt on my face
and some bone in my back.
Im holding out strong
Im gonna hold on
cause thats what my brother would do
He'd tell me to pray
and walk in his way
He'd tell me to smile
work and serve all the while.

My knees will get shaky
My heart will feel broken
the tears will roll
But Ill continue on my journey
till all things have been spoken.
I will not give up
I will not sit down and cry
Ill stand and make known the warrior I am.
Satan cant take me
Ive got my brother at my side
and with this faith, I wont hide
Its a battle worth fighting
My life is worth living
This spirit is worth strengthening

And I wont give up on myself.


Dear Friends
I feel like I want to share with you a story.
It's about me.
I took a bike ride tonight and wanted to just let the wind hit my face.
Sometimes its just nice to breathe in some fresh air and let all the bad go out.
So I did Just that.
I looked up at the stars and thought:
Heavenly Father, I know what the meaning of life is. I know where Im going and
why Im here. I know this gospel is true, I know its right and good.
I know whats right and whats wrong
I know you created this beautiful place and that Im here for a purpose.
But sometimes I wonder
When Ill get to the place
on this earth
When I am most peaceful.
I know that each day has its struggles. I am not naive
or stupid
Nothing comes easy.
But I also know
That through Faith, comes Hope.
And with faith and hope and alot of determination to fight for my own peacefulness.
My own Happiness.
And Goodness in my life.
I will find it.
And when I get there
It will be Bliss.
Because even then
My Trials and Tribulations
will seem worth the fight.

I know my Father in Heaven gave me this spirit
so I can fight
So I can know what its like to want to give up
and then realize
I am worth the fight.

That peace, that happiness.
Its worth the battle.
And once I win the war
The battles will come easier.

Lately I cry because I feel like I just can't do it.
I just cant go another day feeling like Ive got nothing to live for.
No goals.
But I do have alot to live for.

Ive got a Life to live for.

Sunrises, sunsets.
Laughing and crying.

It all seems worth it in that moment when I feel so happy
I want to cry
And that makes me know
Its worth it now
Even if I want to give up and just sit in bed all day.

"Broad is the gate, and wide the way that leadeth to the deaths; and many there are that go in thereat, because they receive me not..."

I've learned that only through my Faith in my Father in Heaven and in my brother Jesus Christ,
I can direct my own path, according to my Fathers plan for me, and it can be away from that broad gate.
I learned that I will make mistakes
and that through them I am strong.
But Now I know
it is not those mistakes that
Make me.

I make myself from the mistakes.

I do not let them mold me or determine my future.
I make it for myself.

" For straight is the gate, and narrow the way that leadeth unto the exaltation and continuation
of the lives, and few there be that find it..."

I walk on that straight and narrow path
from here until He comes again.
I will fight this war and win.
I will fight the battles and conquer
and when I go to the gates of Heaven and look at my Brother,and my Father in Heaven,
I will Know that in me
is the Truth, the Courage
The light.
All my weaknesses and downfalls
the trials
will have been made strong unto me.
I will be Done with my learning and growing
I will be strong and refined
I will know who I am
and the Fight that I fought.
And then
I will start all over.

" Around here, however,we don't look backwards for long. We keep Moving Forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious...and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Keep Moving Forward

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Jeff and Rachael Downs said...

Thanks for sharing seems like those trials and tribulations are constant and never-ending, but somehow, things ALWAYS work out. Heavenly Father is watching over you and wants you to be happy.