Friday, May 7, 2010

I'm Sorry

If someone hurts me, offends me, or is rude.
I'll immediatly forgive them.
They don't even have to tell me they are sorry.

But for some reason
I am being hated on as of late.

I do a good deed.
I get punished.
Okay so, I could have done it differently but
that doesnt change that its done.
that is was all done from the kindness of my Heart.

I think sometimes
We get carried away.
Life gets rough and Trials attack us.
Its like your senses are off kilter and we don't know what to do.
We feel violated
and angry.

But at any point in these trials
we must remember
and Love.

Because if we posses these qualities
Trials will always be much easier
on our
our Spirits and our Bodies.

I totally dislike when there is contention in my life.
It just doesn't agree with my Simple way of thinking.
Which is
Forgive and Forget
and I wont regret.

Life is too short to be angry.
Angry enough to dig for more reasons to be angry
too short to be mad at someone whose done no wrong
too short to waste my thinking on angry thoughts.

I want to look back at yesterday, or even 5 years and say
I apologized and I did what I could.
I was kind, I was patient and I handled it well.

I handeled it like My Brother Jesus Christ would have.

I love my friends, I love my Family.
I love them so much, Id do anything for anyone of them.

Even someone I dont know.
What I do know
is that I find more peace with myself
When I can handle a situation with Grace and Patience.

And I also know
That any trial I go through will make me Stronger.

I want to be Courageous.
I want to be Strong.
I want to be Tough.
But I dont want
to be hard headed
arrogant or pompous.

I just want to look at myself and say
It's okay. It's All good.
can get better
so can
My Attitude.

Forgive and Forget Quickly.
Love Intensely.
Live Fully.

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Steven & DeLona said...

I love this! It is so well worded!