Sunday, May 2, 2010

I have 2 New Albums

On Facebook.
I don't like How is takes Blogger
like 5 hours to download my Photos.

As you all know
I went to vegas last weekend.
It is Filthy
But it was still Funnn.

And this weekend I took a random Trip to Six Flags and Redando Beach
with my friend Trent
And It was a Blassstt!

Needless to say, I give you some picture from each Adventure and if you'd
like to see the rest
Search me On Facebook.
Yes, I do have a facebook.
Yes I do.

This is My Lady Bug, His name is Sace.

I wouldn't necissarily say the giant white bear is
A Creeper.
I would say
He Is.

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Steven & DeLona said...

How fun! What great pics! I totally agree about uploading photos onto the blog. Sometimes I get like 20 pictures picked out and then when I click the button to upload them it freezes or something and all of that time is wasted and I have to start all over! ARGGGHHHH! Not like I have time to spend redoing them! I rarely find time to keep up on my blog. Life is just too busy!