Saturday, April 17, 2010

Round One- To Miss Swagger

Las Vegas, Nevada
I have never laid Foot on the Soil of this Forsaken Place.
But This weekend, Ill be making a Trip, No, A Journey
to the countries

Dirty Money
Is What we will Be Making.
Its Not just a vacation
or A leisure Trip my Friends

We will be coming back Billionaires.
Millions are for the Birds.

Ive packed my Black Dress, and High Heels.
My Hair is Vegas Blonde.
My nails are done
My legs are tan
and my Teeth are White.


Ive got dice and Ive Swagger.
My Hands are gettin Hot
I feel like throwin down
right Here on The Strip
but I might get Caught.
My fingers grip, The snake eyes Glare
Im layin it All Down on Red
You Will never go There.
Makin my Billions
My Swag is Legit
Dont threaten Me
Or ill have to Make you Quit.
Your money is mine
Your a Fool I can see
Its only a matter of Time.
Ill walk outta this place, Sunglasses as a mirror
Suit coat crisp and clean
Youll Know we own Billions, and itll Never be Clearer.
You cant talk our Talk
You cant walk our Walk
Hell No I wont be your tutor
I know you wanna be Me
Cause Im'a Hot Shooter.



Don't Judge, Just be Jealous
We will Be Ballin All over Vegas.
My Cousins wedding is Gonna Rock
But Friends, I cant wait to Throw down.
(by that, i mean, visit the m&mfactory)
I am SOOO Excited.
Infact, My friend K
went on a Diet with No Soda.
A Whole Month,
No Soda.
Just so he can play Craps.

I Have been preparing for this weekend for a Month.
And its time
Time to Show Vegas
Who Wins and who Loses.

What Happens there, Will Stay there.
(except, ill be showin tons of pictures, be prepared!)