Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jesus Christ Lives, And, He Loves Us.

I Know He Loves Us.
I know He Died for Us.
I Know He never gave Any of us, something we couldn't handle.
I know when we Feel we can't Handle it, He can Strengthen Us.
I know He guides Us.
I know He has provided a Way for Us, that we Might all Return to Him.
I know that Through him, we find Peace and Happiness.
I know that Following His path and His way, will Only Bring Us Joy.
I know His Gospel is Right and True.
I know he Put Special Guidelines for us, Because they are Right and can only bring us to Him.
I know When that Sweet Spirit is Near, I feel Calm.

Sometimes, I don't Know Much.
But I KNOW this:

There will never be a moment in my life when I ask where God is.
He is There, in Heaven.
Looking down on us, Putting a guiding light in our lives.
Loving us, Preparing Us, Teaching Us, Strengthening Us.
He Will NEVER leave us.


He Loves Us.

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