Monday, March 15, 2010

Ihop? Somewhere? Anywhere? Nowhere.

Well, Its been a day.
A long day
(not so obviously)

I went to church with some friends
Who, I must say, I love.
I mean it, Love.
I love them like they be my own siblings.

Or maybe thats awkward
But I love em' anyhow.

My friend K and I went over to our friend J's house
(really his grammas)
And I made K and B eggs.
Who woulda thought while I cleaned up the mess
Id make a bigger one.
J will tell you so.
(he called me out on it. Awkward)

Then we left for Church.

It was no matter to me that just moments before Church
I was being made fun of
I love Church.

There is a certain Peace and Comfort there.
The spirit Dwells there.
And I am grateful.
Its like a recharge for my batteries.

Im grateful I have it.

Im grateful for friends.

After church, I went home.
I sat on the computer for awhile.
( i really mean "awhile")
and was supposed to hang out with another friend, G.

G ended up not being able to.
So I went back over to K's house.

Oh the Joy.
Awkward story.
I was in the back of K's truck
(back seat)
B and K were in the front.

K's parents drive by, stop, and so did we.
K's dad Stares me down
Like a bull would do to a stupid man in red.
but he didnt move
He just...Stared.

Thats it. Guess you had to be there
But in the end, He realized it was just
Little ol' Bree.
Harmless little Me.


When I went back to K's
we rented a Redbox
(whoever invented it, is loaded)
and got the Time Travelers Wife.

Not suggested...Theres alot of Face hair
and bad acting.
Sweet, but So not worth it.

In other news today
K,B and J decided I am a HATER.
Yes, a hater.
Because I speak truths.
Like For instance: Cute girl in Church, AKA, Sacajewa.
I tell them
Very Cute, Not your type.


Making fun of the Fake hair in the T.T.W movie.


Telling J and K that Craps is lame


I learned today, that Indeed, I am a hater.
Of all things Cheezy, Unrealistic and Cheap.

Is this such a Crime? No. Am I still a Hater. Yes.

Friends, This post was really random. Its now 3:05am

I seriously need to go to bed.

Oh and I think I saw Hayleys Comet tonight.
That comet was Just doin' it.

Doin Work.

Sleep good guys, Loves.

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