Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gretchen Wilson at Toby Keiths I love this Bar

Yes, This Very Sexy Lady was in Mesa, Arizona Tonight.
( and I am allowed to say shes sexy, Im allowed to check out girls...)
She was doing her very first Show in a small Venue and
I have a whole new respect for this girl
She really does ROCK
and sounds just as amazing in person.
Anyway, that was my adventure for the night
and I loved it.

I also Hiked today.
(some of you are probably gasping in shock)
Because you should be!
I havent done that much physical activity since I walked to the mail box.

I went up Usery Pass, and it was ROUGH.
I can feel my Hips and Knees starting to stiffen.
I am going again tommorrow. Whether or not I die.

I need to get in shape.
This has been a realization of mine forever
tonight, while I danced and shook my big ol' butt
It Jiggled.
Heaven forbid, it jiggle. I mean...Come On.

I danced anyway.
But Every once in awhile Id come back to reality and realize I was probably causing an
And Id stop.
Its called common Courtesy People!
Meanwhile Other people, walk by, Hit you in the jaw and then shove their dadnabbed
Elbows in your ribs, and it gets nasty.
I was bein nice anyway though
Cause even though Im a
Redneck Woman

I can be a High Class Broad.

Okay not really, But I can be patient.

I tried.
All in all, it was a fun night.

And I totally suggest listening to Gretchen, cause she'll rock your socks off.

Have a Fabulous Night.
Loves! Bree

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Austin and Ashtyn said...

haha you make me laugh. It jiggled... I hate that! I realized my skin underneath my arms you know the relief society arms.. mine did that!! I wanted to die, and I do work my butt of working out and I still have them!! oh dear, we are just getting old :)

The Grethen concert sure looked like fun!