Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Happy Saint Patricks Day Everyone!

Now moving on
is going to be EPIC
I will be heading over to one of my favorite Bars
(even though I dont drink,Im allowed to Love a Bar right?)
TobyKeiths I love the Bar
Because the one and only

Easton Corbin

Will be Debuting.

But thats beside the point
Its also Free and Fun

I cannot wait
In fact
Im waiting to shower until before that
So I feel alll good and ready to PARTY

Without the drinks of course

Just like at the Gretchen Wilson Concert
Ill be drinking water and dancing
My butt will still jiggle and
People may or may not still think im Drunk.

Oh well
At least Im a Friendly " Drunk"

Now for a Tale:

Yesterday My sister and I sat in bed
and decided it would be Grand to get in the little red car
and drive to Tucson to see my Dear friend Kamry and her three
little angels. We were stoked.
I gathered my things, my siblings and went out the door.
We drove and drove...for what seemed like ages
But the weather was amazing and were were blasting music with the windows
Nothing is better than that.
I noticed my cars RPMs reving up and the speed going way down
and I did all I could to stay at a normal pace
But when the RPMs got to 5 and the speed to 40 I decided I needed to Pull over.
I did just that.
As I went to the side
The clutch just went out, Right under my foot.
Good thing I was getting off.

We called my mom, and asked her to call Dad.
Cause we knew he'd think we were retarted for driving that little piece of crap
in the first place

We sat for 3 Hours
I enjoyed the loud music, and the Nice breeze.

4 Officers stopped to check on us.
Cade Got way bored and Opened up the back seat into the trunk
(I may or may not have thought about closing the seat so he was stuck in the trunk)

Finally Our Amazing Dad shows up.
Him and that Dolly in allll their
U-hauled glory.

He is my Hero.
He wakes Up at 3am
every day
and works until about 4pm.
He works his butt off.
Then he has to jump in the truck
drive 2 hours to tow us back 2 more hours
and I am SOO grateful for him

We LOVE you Dad!

Thats my Story
and Sadly we never made it to Kam's house.
But I WILL and NOTHING will stop me.
(Oh and did I mention we Also Said Prayers. Its no wonder we were So safe all that time, right on the edge of the busy Highway...)

Hope Ya'll have a Fabulous Fabulous Day Today!

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