Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yes, Friends, this is Phil. Phil doesn't know it, but his style is inevitably going to become intensely popular. OH WAIT, not really. Although, I'm sure there are alot of people round' here in Quemado who dress this way too, don't worry Philly, you are not alone.
Oh, and I'm sure you've noticed I don't blog alot. WELL, we don't exactly have crazy vacays , or exciting happenings happening all too often, BUT FRIENDS! all is well! the Holiday season is HERE. Which means alot of happenings and I PROMISE to take lots of photos! It'll be lots of fun!
See you soon all you Goons!


Tyler, Kamry, Jaxxen, Madexx and Nixxen said...

WOW! Look at Phillys style! I have never met your husband and I call him Philly, Funny! Looks like you guys have to much fun out there! We need to come visit! Miss you!

Bree and Phil Killian said...

actully kam, its funny cause we werent playing dress up or anything. he had to go out and put a heat lamp in the pumphouse to keep the pipes from freezing, nope. we werent doin that one purpose, thats just what he put on. ba ha ha