Saturday, November 14, 2009

Meld, Weld.

No, no. Im not sayin' we played cards,Im just sayin' we Welded. Okay, I didnt. But Phil did. Today was over cast, colder than sin, and hailed on and off all day.

I was watching ANTM and Phil asked me to come eat lunch with him. So I heated up some yummy burros and headed over. It was a quick lunch and Phil says "I only have 15 Minutes left." Well, after I helped him clamp the sheet metal where it needed to go, I left home to start thawin' out some Rhodes Rolls. OH MY HEAVEN ON EARTH. Rhodes rolls are AMAZING. Especially dipped in butter before thawing. MmMmm. And I wanted to start boiling potatoes..which reminds me, I started that water like an hour ago, I guess I should go check on it....

Well , turns out, because me oven is so old school, if it gets too hot it just TURNS OFF. Wow. It has a mind of its own. At least it wont burn my house down if I leave it on...Im juss' sayin.

Anyway! So, Ive come home, finished the dishes, put in a load of whites and started the rolls.

3 hours later- NO PHIL. yes, he DID say 15min. HAHA. Silly kid. 2hours and 45minutes off.
Oh well, at least he got it done.

Back to ANTM (which is Americas Next Top Model, if you didn't know) Im watching cycle 13 or maybe 14, anyway. Its amazing. Seriously these girls have amazing hair, NO FAIR. But you know what else is cool about this cycle! Its Specifically for SHORT models. OH EM GEE. or whatever people say now days, (this is me tryin to be hip... does that make anyone else think of that old song ....hmm) Moving on.


okay, we're cool. I got the taters peeled and put in the booiiling water, rolls are still rising and The house is clean. ahhh.
Now all I need is for Phil to come build a super hot, original wood stove fire. Yes folks, thats right. We dont use heaters in this town.

Im tellin you, If you ever want to get away, you're welcome to come here. We will just up and leave you with our house and free reign to build forts, make hot coco, ride horses in the snow and cuddle up to an amazing movie. Yess I know, sounds tempting. So, just let m know when you're ready for your all inclusive stay in the Killians New Mexican Humble Abode. er...?

okay SOOO obviously I dont do advertizing for a reason. badda bing

(by the way, above are pictures of todays activities...AND some extras of the casa. Yea, its a mess, phil bought a new saddle and had to oil it. yaaay for messes! )

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