Sunday, November 22, 2009

Okay, So, Ive done the deed. Went into my hideous closet, and picked all the shirts off the hangers. Okay, Not all, just the ones I wear. I may or may not have stuffed my suitcase FULL and added the extras to phils stuff.
Anyway, the laundry is almost done and Im OVERLY excited to head out to Mesa. More sun, Family, Fun, FOOOOOD! Yea, you heard me, IM STOKED ABOUT FOOD! My mamas food is THE best food in the world. Always.
Stuffing and cranberry sauce. I think SOOO.
Well friends, Ive stuffed my camera into my purse and I am prepared to take lots of picstures , So, stand by! For some FUNNNN. yeehaw! Chandler Thanksgiving, here I COOOMME!
Love you guys!
And remember, you have alot to be gratful for. Im not talking about the yummy dinner, the oppurtunity to dress up, Im talking about family. We were all blessed with a special family, that was meant just for us. Each individual sibling and parent was put here, and paired with you because our Father in Heaven knew you'd need them. I am SO grateful for a family who I love with my whole heart. My mom, who has never ceased to serve us and has always been clear of her love and belief in our gospel ( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints aka Mormons) My Dad, who is such a strong , hard working , loving and humble person. I know he has always done all he can to support us, protect us and has always held the priestood, which blesses my life immensly. I love my brother Coby, who is one of my Best friends. He understands me, goes through trials like me and is soo strong. I know he was blessed with a sweet spirit and put on this earth to go through this journey with me. I love my sister Whitney. She was put on this earth to strengthen those around her, especially me. I know she is here for a purpose and she laughs at me, even when Im not funny. And I love my brother Cade. He is Such a funny kid, and he is sooo smart.Im grateful to have him because he lightens the load of life, he makes me laugh and he loves his family and his Savior. Most importantly Im grateful for them because they each have testimonies which strengthen mine.
And I know with all of my heart and soul that it is true. I know that we have a Loving Savior who loves me and you so much that he gave his life and suffered much tribulation, so thatwe can return to him and over come those sinse which hinder our spirits. I know that the Prophet Joseph Smith is was a courageous and loving prophet who sacrificed all he had, that he could bring us the truth of the Book of Mormon. Im grateful for him, and his amazing spirit and the untouchable and immovable testimony he had in this church and in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am grateful that I have had this sweet spirit always with me, to bring me out of sadness, and away from the wiles of satan. I know with all my heart that each of us chose to come to this earth, each of us chose Heavenly Fathers plan, and not satans. We must each remember how much we are loved and that we are NEVER alone. As long as we are willing to get to our knees and pray, we will be comforted in all our trials. Take those trials and endure them, love them. They make us stronger and help us learn. I want you all to know that I know that I am a special spirit daughter of my Father in Heaven , who loves me. And I Love him. I love my family and am grateful for my hustband Phil. Who supports me and who I know believes in this Gospel as much as Ido. He is the most intelligent person ive ever met and I am grateful that he can teach me. I know we are put here on this earth to learn, to grow and serve.
Im thankful for all I have, a bed to sleep in, food to eat, a Heavenly father who loves me and guides me, parents who support and love me. I thankful for the church, the scriptures, being able to walk, see, smell and enjoy the beauty of this earth. For the blankets that keep me warm, clothing, a roof over my head and a family and friends who inspire me and make me stronger. I wish and pray that I will return to Heaven with each of you, that we might continue our journey together, I love you each so much that this life just isn't enough time to spend with you.
Dont forget the blessings you have. Thank your God for them daily and always show your love for those around you.
Have a HAPPY thanksgiving! I LOVE YOOU!!