Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Remember that one Post?

Ya, the one where I go on and on about how "its a feat"
Well, I am here to calm your every worry
(because I know you've all been wondering)
I am still working towards my goal.
Its been tough, and I did, admitadly take a small break
so I could go to school.
Yes, I went to school....Some people wouldnt put it in that category
but I do.
I went to Pima Medical Intstitute to be a CNA
(certified nursing assistant)

It was a 5 weeks program in which I am proud to say, I got a 4.0
I'm pretty sure anyone could do it, but I didn't think I could swing it.
Well I did. And now, I get the pleasure of looking for a Job!
I am keeping my eyes peeled for a job at a hospital, hopefully in Pediatrics.
But Im assuming that wont fly.
So, as for now, I am jobless and schooless.

Its no fun, I hate feeling lazy and unaccomplished.
Besides that I am tryin' to get myself spiritually and physically fit.
This is the point in life where I get a little discouraged and have WAY too much time to think.

Thinking is okay though, right?
Anyway, back to my original topic
(im easily strayed, obviously)

I have yet to get back to the gym, not because I am lazy, but because i put my
account on hold until i have a job.
i believe the term is "living within my means"

My means dont exactly wanna pay for gym and gas and groceries
and blah blah blah...So...that it is.

I shall be patient.
Go walk outside, since the weather is so amazing.
breathe some fresh air
ride a bike
get out of this house...

It will be nice...except as I speak, I hear someon rustling outside my window.
Anyway...I guess this is my update for now...But soon enough ill be back with a whole wonderful
post about my accomplishments in the past few months.
Until then, if anyone wants to play...
Im around!

Have a wonderful WONDERFUL Halloween weekend!!

Love, Bree

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