Monday, August 9, 2010

One Of the Best days Ever.

All I can say is...
I've haven't FELT this happy...In awhile.
I haven't SMILED this much in ages.
I haven't had this feeling is so long.

I Know Things work out for a reason.
I KNOW Heavenly Father will make paths for us.
I know that He loves me, Because even when I stray
even when I make a dumb choice
He still guides me.
He guides me because he wants me to know
He still loves me
and wants me to grow closer to Him.

I have seen so many countless Blessings in my life recently
Its hard to hold back the gratitude I have for my Father in Heaven.
He KNOWS me.
He LOVES me.
And because I know these things
It helps my testimony grow that I will be Happiest where he guides me.
I know fully, that if I am willing to sacrifice the little insignificant things I want NOW
and Do all that I can to grow closer to him...
The end result will be my COMPLETE happiness.
Inside. and Out.

I am SO happy today.
Even my mom noticed.
She said she hasn't seen me this happy in a long time.
And its because I have had some major changes
and some MAJOR closure.
and some MAJOR excitement.

One day, you will possibly know what Im speaking of.
But for now
Its a secret.
I Grand Secret.

A secret so wonderful


that it will make even the toughest Smile.

Yes. One day I will write of Wonderful things.

But for now....
I just smile.
Because I know...All things work out in mysterious ways..
And I know its because thats how the Lord works.

And that my friends

Works for Me.


The Clarks said...

Good for you girly! You are so cute.. you make me smile.

erin said... better share soon! but so happy that youre happy :)