Thursday, December 17, 2009


These two little Princesses are Phil's nieces. Meg and Ellie. Precious...

These are my children. Who aren't really Mine. They are my Best Friends Kelli and Richie Pews' kids. And I love them like they were my own. Aren't they Perfect?

Why, Yes. This is a picture of my sister Whitney and I. We are driving somewhere...I can't recall where.

Isn't she so Beautiful?(and shes single)

Well, since I haven't posted in forever, and considering, I love to get on and see others have blogged, I thought I'd at least do something. SOMETHING. and this is what you get.

But also, Tommorrow is my Birthday. I feel like I'm getting so old. But Im not old yet and I don't plan on acting that way yet...or...ever.
But I hope my parents know how grateful I am that they raised me and put up with me.

Yay for random pictures and Birthdays!

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Merkley Jiating said...

Cute picture! And happy birthday!