Friday, December 11, 2009

A peak into my cozy house..and some deco mishap..

Today, I cleaned up my room. And when I finished I went to my friend "Mearl's" (Marlena) house and we were going to bake. And we did just that. I attempted to make sugar cookies and for some reason, or another, they were to dry. I cooked them anyway though. Because I had this fabulous idea to use them as ornaments(because they were so hard..) and I painted them with puff paint glitter. I have yet to place them on a tree, which I will buy tommorrow ( a very mini one). Mearl and I are going to Albequerque to get our nails done for our birthdays. I can't wait to get outta the house for some fun! Anyway, I also remembered some fun Christmas decor I had hidden in my gargage. (OLD ornaments my grandpa Crandell made) and I LOVE anything old, used and antiqued (I made a little funny garland out of the ornaments cause I dont have a tree yet) SO, below are some random pictures of my living room.The rest of my house is a bit you only get the living room view!
I am so excited to go to Mesa for Christmas and I am excited to have at least a Tiny bit of Christmas in my tiny little casa. Ill be puttin up pics of my newly decorated guest rooms too, and I know you'll LOVE it, cause I dont know ANYONE who decorates in this oldcountry style...Yep, Im pretty awesome! haha Just kiddin. (and i must say, its even better because most of it it found on the ranch, and i re did it.)

Anyway! I have to go get a mani tommorrow, AND PICK up my CELL PHONE! YAY!
So, ya'll have sweet dreams and a happy night. Don't forget to say your prayers and read your scriptures!! :)

Much love, Bree!


Jen said...

so fun to peek into your life :) love the deco!

Eve and Tim DeLoach x2 said...

Love ur ranch house, its so cute.

Busy Bee Lauren said...

I LOVE the vintage camera!