Friday, December 4, 2009

In moderation... I guess?

Well, I am the WORST with this here blog. I've decided. I was never a born Blogger. I am just one of those kids who decided to try it, and has failed miserably! BOY! But, Since I haven't gotten the proper amount of FUN and AMAZING pictures like so many of these awesome blogladies( or males) ...I did infact do some very fun creating today. Although I have discovered I am not a born creative gooroo either, I still need something to keep me busy. For those of you who don't know me, I married my hub nearly one year ago. I knew when I married him i'd be headed to a small place called Quemado, NM. But, I never knew It would be hard. And it is. But, its so beautiful and I am truly grateful for what God has blessed me with. Including this very hard trial of getting used to life as a ranchers wife. I've learned to rely on my Father in Heaven with all I have. For without Him and the sweet spirit which guides me, I would have given up long ago. So for the past year, I have been being taught to over come my trials by creativity. But up until a month ago, It did not set in. Today, I let my creative juices flow...Not too creative but I sure love to look at all things beautiful and nice. So, here are some very very awful pictures of my funny little things. And don't mind the lighting..I am not a photographer either HAHA! ( im sure these pics will end up ABOVE this post, dont ask me how, I dont know why and I dont know how to fix it haha)

OHHH I thing I figured it OUT! yahooo. Its late......SO, I totally just went through my pictures, I DID infact take some fun pics of thanksgiving Chandler style, and Killian style- Kinda. Also Some fun random ones for my friend Kel. (cause I looove my Pews!)
Anyway! Im off to bed, where yes, Phil IS already sleeping.... As the TV in the background has crazy, obnoxious commercials about Spa Sales in Albequerque ....Ive decided Its time to hit the hay. Where I sleep and dream and keep the heating pad on high at night...yes its that cold.

SO! sweet dreams friends! much love!

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