Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mesa Lovin'

(Land that I love, really.)
Yes, Thats right. I am in Mesa. Mah home town. Land that I looove. (me, singing the God Bless America song- go me!)

Oh! I cannot forget that today, many hours ago, I was in New Mexico. Phil, Mark, David and Vern all woke up at 5:30am to head over to headquarters to load up all the calves, lucky for me, Philly asked me to stay home and watch and make sure the Truck ( the one that transports the calves from our shippings pens to Cochese) didn't come and miss us. Also lucky for me, he didn't come until about 2 minutes after the guys arrived to serperate the calves from they mamas (if you get my drift). Well, I threw on my boots and my coat, thinking it might be freezing outside like it has been. It was warm. YAY! I grabbed my camera and drove over to the hay barn to help load. Don't fret though, I took TONS of pictures to show you, but because I came to Mesa, I was a nice wife and left the camera. So Phil could load the pictures and look at them at the end of his long day.

Well, Its over. The calves are loaded and gone for another year. But since we had 60 extra calves we didnt order 2 big trucks, instead we were thrifty and decided to load the rest in our 3 horse trailers and transport the rest ourselves. I was gonna go with Phil but since Cody went, I decided to head down to Mesa early. Oh what a Wonderful TREAT!

So , here I sit. At my parents house- where behind me my mom, dad, brother coby, brother cade, aubrey ( cobys girlfriend) and chance (cobys boyfriend...jk.) are sittin watching, none other than, the biggest loser. YES. we sit, and watch the biggest loser and think how nice it would be to work out like that, but dont. haha. what a life!

So on the agenda for tonight- get off this dadnabbed computer and spend time my my family.

And tommorrow- well I haven't thought that far ahead.

All i do know is- is that I will be gifting you with wonderful pictures SOON. and SOON my blog will look much more fun and intruiging to look at. Promise.

have a wonderful night friends!

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