Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I've been thinking.

It's true. I've been thinking.
Thinking about life, It's trials. It's every waking fear of something we don't want to happen, to happen. It's unseen battles.
I've been thinking how, even out of pure faith,I chose this. We all chose this.
Each and every one of us stood by as the greatest war waged in the Heavens.
We didn't just stand by, We stood, Immovable at Our Heavenly Fathers side.
We chose his plan and we chose this life, this trial, this amazing and endearing time, in which we GET to prepare to meet God. To go home, where peace finds its way to our hearts and bodies, Where we know our loving Father is, Where we know we are free from the strains and wiles of satan.
I've been thinking, that not only can we find peace in our hearts and minds in Heaven, But, We can also Fall to our knees and ask our Heavenly Father for Peace, for comfort and for reassurance. We can also recieve it. We must be willing to sacrifice much, and be fully faithful in our Father to guide us and direct us. Only He knows what can truly make us happy.
Ive been thinking, Who would do anything to alter that amazing and merciful oppurtunity? I surely cannot. I have. I'm certain that many of us have become lazy at some point, and maybe, there are those few who stand true every second, I know I have faltered.
I also know, I cannot falter. For my own sake, but also for all that I stood for in the Heavens above. Where I stood, Immovable at my Heavenly Fathers side.
Can I not do that on earth. Surely I can.
And Surely... I WILL.

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Eve and Tim DeLoach x2 said...

I love it when you think out loud!