Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Im so sleepy. But, because of my mama, I inherited this intense night owl thing. Sad day. Or should I say night?

Yes, I did just search netflix and found this old movie, which was originally in spanish, and had the little words in english at the bottom. BIGGEST waste of my time..but.. I do love me some random LLAAATE night entertainment.

Now I gotta go to bed.
BUT ive decided, for a few of my old friends, or people i knew, I found some fabulous pics! YAY! so , tommorrow........

until then...


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Austin and Ashtyn said...

Hey girl!! Of course I remember you! Thanks for your comment, thats really nice of you. You look great too! Who would of thought you would of ended up a ranchers wife out in New Mexico!? Crazy! How fun! Well thanks for leaving me a comment I am excited now I can keep up on your blog!