Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Mornin' Friends!
It was a good nights sleep, that is of course, besides the two night terrors.
Thats right, Night Terror.

It's like a very bad nightmare that your awake in, but also that you feel like is so completely real.

It takes me about 20 minutes to work myself into reality, and in the mean time, phil is tellin me to go back to sleep.

After I got back to sleep, it felt like I had been sleeping for 5 minutes and Phil is shaking me at the hip. " Wake up- Wake up, Look! "

To my undelight, nothing but White out of my window. Yes, it snowed!

October is for Halloween, Not winter!! What is this world coming to!

But I must say , Heavenly Father knew what beautiful things I love. He blesses me with the oppurtunity to see things that make me incredibly happy. And I'm not talking about happy like, I get cake on my birthday happy.

I mean happy, when my soul feels happy. When I feel Warm and content. Like when the arizona sun hits my face, or the cold crisp air hits my face when I'm standing on the seat of my brothers jeep heading up a crooked hill. Happy when I jump into my blankets at the end of the day.

Now thats Happy. What makes you happy?

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