Saturday, July 12, 2008


ill be honest right now, vocabulary and capitalization are not on the top of my list. so, granted, i love to write.. when i type, i just go with the flow. whereever my thoughts take me.

sittin here, i am kind of feeling a nostalgic feeling. listening to angels and airwaves on kamry's myspace, i keep gettin memories flashin in my mind. sudden, kind of like when lighting splashes through the dark skies, splitting what we see as one canvas of rain clouds- into a torn pitcture. Its like it splits it open so the drops of rain can fall. In this case, my memories arent causing rain to fall, that would be like... weird. i am sitting at the computer... if rain started falling i would be scared haha.

I think life is a whole book. its something that time controls, but we control what we do with the time that we are givin. God didnt put us here just to watch us fall and not get back up. He put us here to fall, get back up... and run with whatever we got out of that fall. even if its justDirt. Dirt dont hurt anyway... it washes off.

Speaking of life, i love it!

when i think of the word, it doesnt feel like it is a word. because of alll the words in a vocabulary- its the only one that brings so many memories i could make a picture story book just to store in my brain.

it makes me think of my favorite things in life: the blessings i have recieved: my family and the sunshine i live under. when the sun hits my skin it makes me smile everytime. I love the daisys and sunflowers that covers the country side. when the rain clouds roll in- threatening to clean the earth they sit on. I love when the smell of rain floats through the car vents . the winds blows and lightning flashes. I love watching the water dance to the sound of the earth as is moves. spinning in a cirular motion.... as we just sit and watch. it makes me wonder... why some of us just let it pass by.i bet God is sad knowing some of us walk by a pretty purple flower without even acknowledging it.

id like to stand on a corner and hold out my hat, asking people to give me the time they are going to waste.

the simplest things in life, are the things that make me happy, but like everyone else on this earth... sometimes i want things. more than i want things that matter. i want a nice truck, and a horse to ride. a quad. i want to bring my kids up in a life of dunes, camping and shooting. but thats just the worldly things... what i really want is happiness. a family of my own that i can love and that i can share my love of the the things around me. the beauty of each thing that surrounds us.

a family i can have for time... and ALL eternity. a husband who holds the priestood. and each move we make, each choice we have to make.... includes heavenly father.

i want alot.....but maybe if i focused on others... i would share this happiness with others. the world is full of it.... if each of us shared a small part of the happiness in our hearts.... maybe then... we would be able to return all together for eternity

as for right now.... its high time i stop typing

but.. life is too short not to write a happy thought, or look and enjoy each amazing thing around us. enjoy each smile someone gives you on the street. tell a random person they look amazing. think about all the people you love and the people you will love one day.... do all the right things.. just for them. enjoy the moment... and live for the memories you'll make. dont regret life.... we are here to learn.. to love... and to live. let yourself do just that..

until later! i love you guys!

<3 bree

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